Divorce and HDB

A divorce case involving a HDB flat

As a real estate agent (and a female one), I do regularly meet with cases where a married couple decided to get a divorce and move on with their separate lives. Roles of a Real Estate agent in a divorce case As an agent, it is not me to decide

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Highest PSF for B1 Singapore Industrial property

Highest PSF for Industrial Property

Ms Ashley is my client whom I had helped to rent out her private residential property. She is, hence, an existing client. She and her partner owned a very good industrial property (a B1 industrial property at a very good location) which has been providing them with good rental yield

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Calin Chong Property Helping Young Couple in Asset Progression

Asset Progression for Young Couple

I met Mr and Mrs E during my door knocking activity at Punggol. I personally love to do door knocking as it gives me a chance to meet new friends, understand their property concerns and help them to answer any doubts on property matters directly. E and P and their

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